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Sämling Frizzante 0,0% Pride Edition

Limited Pride Edition Frizzante Bottle designed by MIIR Concepts


The Sämling Frizzante 0.0 from Weinbau Hopfer in Styria is an alcohol-free alternative to our popular Sämling Frizzante. We use high-quality grape juice from the Sämling grape as the base. The sweetness comes entirely from the fruit itself, without the need for any additives.


The Sämling Frizzante 0.0 is best served in an elegant wine glass, guaranteeing a fruity and sparkling enjoyment for those who value natural taste and carefree indulgence.

Sämling Frizzante 0,0% Pride Edition

€ 14,00 Standardpreis
€ 9,80Sale-Preis
  • Pleasure without alcohol
    Alcohol-free Frizzante made from Sämling grape juice
    100% fruit sweetness without additives
    Aromatically delicate and sparkling

    Grapes: Sämling (Scheurebe)
    Winery: Weinbau Hopfer
    Origin: Tieschen / Vulkanland Steiermark
    Style: Fruity, sparkling, alcohol-free
    Vintage: 2023
    Alcohol: 0.0% vol.
    Volume: 0.75 liters
    Aging: Stainless steel tank

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